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Yahsua or Jesus or Both?
What is the difference?

There is a lot of confusion regarding the Names of G-d and the Messiah. Let us take a look at why.

Over the past 2,000 years, the enemy of G-d (satan/devil) has done his best to create chaos and confusion for the purpose of usurping the Kingdom of Heaven. To do this he devised a plan to corrupt G-d's creation. We are the collateral damage in this war. Our job is to learn the Truths of G-d and remove the Lies of the enemy of G-d.


The name Jesus has only been around for about 150 years. That's it. Before that it was Iesus in the original King James 1611 bible. Going all the way back to when the Messiah was born, His name which was given in the Language of Ancient Hebrew and was Yashua. Yashua translates as "SALVATION". Jesus unfortunately, is taught in many Christian congregations as the Son of G-d who did away with the Law.


Yashua is taught in many Messianic Congregations as the Son of G-d, who showed us how to be Truly Torah observant children of G-d.


English did not exist as a language until about 500 - 800 ad/ce. The "J" did not exist until the 1500s and was not used in the King James Bible until the late 18th to 19th Centuries.

When Pontious Pilate wrote the Famous quote on the plaque put above the head of Messiah on the crucifix, it was written in Greek, Roman and Hebrew. There never was or never has been a "J" in any of these three languages, but there was the "Y" and Pontius Pilate wrote the name Yashua in all three languages.

Is there a Truth we can latch on to?

So now we all want to know which is correct. Well, G-d has figured out all of this in advance and has given us the answers we need in order to KNOW whether or not we are Truly part of the ONE BODY of MESSIAH.

In Short, people who say Yashua or Jesus and who truly LOVE G-d the way G-d wants them to LOVE Him, know they have an eternal future that is going to be wonderful. There-fore, it would be good for anyone else who are not sure if they are planted in Healthy Soil, to keep searching for the Truth until they KNOW for SURE that they are planted in Healthy Soil and are not somehow planted in unhealthy soil that will produce no GOOD Fruit.

Torah and Kingdom Principles

Torah is not the "LAW" and the Laws are only a part of Torah. Torah starts for real in Genesis 1 and continues all the way through Revelation 22. Torah includes every Word breathed by G-d. That means all the Promises, Curses, Stories, Instructions, Wisdom and what people refer to as the "LAW". When we start looking at things in this light, things start to change. So to help eveyone get over the stigma of the term Torah, we have used a more appropriate term in modern times to reveal the truths that everyone seeks which we now call Kingdom Principles.

We have found that when discussing all the Kingdom Principles in the Bible, people are more at easy and have found it easier to agree that they want to obey G-d. But, when we use terms that have caused people on both sides of the fence to cringe - the walls go up and no one learns and no one benefits. So, let us break down the walls of stereo types and move forward toward the real truths contained in Scriptures.

Study to Show Thyself Approved

When trying to make sense of all we have been taught, we need to start looking at how G-d sees all this and not how we see all this. There is a big difference.

G-d would rather we all use the Names He gave us in Hebrew regarding Himself and His Son, the Messiah. Does G-d have mercy and grace and forgiveness? Yes. But, in the end, the People who say Yashua instead of saying Jesus, kind of get one more Gold Star on the wall for being Obedient in this area of their walk a bit more then others, but others get Gold Stars for being more obedient in other areas. Is that important to you to be as Truly Obedient to G-d as you can be and seek to get as many Gold Stars as you can?

If you say Yes to what we are revealing to you, then you understand the message of the Scriptures. If you say No, then maybe you should search your heart and the scriptures for the Truths that will truly set you free.

Will saying Jesus cause you to lose you Salvation? Probably not, but that does not mean you are the Student in the Class who brings an apple everyday to the teacher and puts a smile on the teachers face.

Knowledge is not more important than the Wisdom that G-d gives to us for gaining the proper knowledge.Wisdom is what we really seek and it is wisdom that keeps us on the right path.

Why Messianic?

Why Messianic? In a world gone mad, True Torah Observant Messianic is about PURITY of our Walk and Faith. It"s not about being Warm & Fuzzy.

It's about promoting a Pure Heart, Obedient to G-d & Willingness to do the Will of G-d instead of the Will of Man and Mankind.

It is about learning the entire Word of G-d and not about proclaiming only part of the Word is valid while rejecting all else.

It is about bringing the children up in the Way They should go & not allowing others to teach our children in incorrectness or in hate.

It is about desiring to get back to the Garden of Eden Experience in style & not accepting status quo & scientific advancements as answers

It is about seeking the Blessings of G-d in our lives & having deeper feeling of satisfaction knowing we are in harmony with our Creator.

It is about building a local family that works well in the Body of Messiah & is not at odds with the rest of the Body that may be lacking

It is all about Kingdom of Heaven principles & business which is awesome & inspiring & uplifting to say the very least.

Why Purity & How to Achieve It.

The Terms "Torah", "Kingdom Principles", "Walking in Spirit & Truth", "Be Perfect as Your Father in Heaven is Perfect", and other similar terms are not really well known in the Biblical World or taken as seriously as they should be taken.

They need to be known and understood since they are super important when trying to understand and live a Holy ( Set Apart ) life unto G-d and aspiring to acheive the Perfect Life G-d is desiring us to have.

As we live our daily lives we think that what we see in our society today is somehow more important then the biblical past that reveals what we need to know about living a Holy ( Set Apart ) life. This knowledge from the past does not make it easy for us to want to accept things that appear to have us going backwards. Everything we know is about moving forward all the time, but that is actually the distraction that inhibits our spiritual growth.

It may not be easy to understand, but our real mission in life is to Return to the Garden of Eden where Man first Fell and gave up eternal life for Sin. We may think it is about other things, but in truth, it is about getting back what we lost.

To get back what we lost, we need to explore how Purity works and how it will affect our lives forever.

I will attempt to give you a small taste of what is the biggest subject we all need to embrace. Purity starts with understanding how G-d looks at all the aspects surrounding the term Purity. G-d is Pure, but we have a hard time understanding how that is.

CHARACTER OF G-D.... Scripture quotes many verses regarding the character of G-d which we are supposed to imitate in order to be Perfect Like Our Father In Heaven Is Perfect.

TORAH, KINDGOM PRINCIPLES, COMMANDMENTS and alike..... As with the character of G-d, there are many scriptures that teach us how to be True Believers, how to apply Torah, Kingdom principles and why the Commandments of G-d have never changed or been done away with as well as why they are so important to living a righteous and set apart life.

OLD TESTAMENT OR NEW TESTAMENT OR BOTH OR IS THERE MORE....... A well learned student of scripture will come to realize that ALL of Scripture is relevant and even books of scripture that adhere to Torah but were never included in the Modern Day Bibles. When studying the Bible, it is good to start by reading from the front cover to the back cover the first time, but read slowly and methodically as your brain will absorb things you do not think you will remember. As you read, ask G-d to explain the meaning of each verse, but do not sit and wait for G-d to give you an answer at that time, although you never know when G-d will give you answers. The process of absorbing and learning what you need to know becomes a wonderful project as the Wisdom you seek starts to penetrate your entire being. Accept the reality that for atleast one year minimum, you will be reading more and understanding less, but after that, you will start to really comprehend and enjoy the scriptures as you have never thought you could.

THE LAST SHALL GO FIRST AND THE FIRST SHALL GO LAST........ Do not worry how old you are when you start the journey, just know that you run the race by yourself and that all you need to do is keep running the race to get as close to the finish line as you can before the race is over. There is no competetion and there are no grades given out by man, Only G-d, and everyone has different things that G-d expects of them. Men are unique and not robots, therefore, G-d has built healthy diversity into the formula while at the same time allowing all True Believers to adhere to a common set of G-dly rules and teachings.

Your relationship with G-d is a One on One relationship which no one has the right to think you can be ruled over without your approval. How-ever, brothers can show you the error of your ways in regards to scriptural truths, just like you have the same rights. Learn the scriptures and you will understand how all this works in perfect harmony

Why Purity & How to Achieve It. Part Two

G-d told us to be Set Apart. That means we are actually to try and live our lives being noticeably different from the world around us. What are the areas of our lives today that people have so easily strayed away from the Set Apartness G-d has desired of us?

More and more, people are accepting unmodesty in all areas of life and this goes against everything G-d expects of His Children. So, one way to start fixing the problem and become more set apart is to change our lives to reject and exclude impure things. Going as far as not watching TV, or going to movie theatres or sports events or national holiday events that promote revelry and sex and devotion to anything other then G-d is a beginning. Will people think you are weird? Sure they will. But you have to ask yourself what is more important and why. G-d is more important because He is trying to teach us how to get back to the Garden Experience and the world is trying to teach us the opposite.

In a world where people dress to look awesome and impress others, we need to take a few steps backward in the modesty department to see, feel and touch the Kingdom Principles G-d has been trying to teach us so we can start moving forward in the Purity department.

To this end, we are promoting wearing the same type of clothing worn by Yashua and the apostles and the women of the time because it was modest and we should be able to relate to the dress of that era more easily then other times in history. So, in our bible studies and congregational settings, we are going to ask everyone to wear the type of modest robes worn back in Messiahs times. You will be surprised to find out that your focus will be less on what others are wearing and more about the subjects at hand.

If you do not believe me, just go to several churches and see what people are wearing and doing and then come back and find out just how different a lifestyle G-d really wants vs what you are seeing in the Secular Church World today. Messiah does speak to this subject in the New Testament and warns us about SELF INDULGENCEs.

If you worry that being set apart in this manner within our congregational activities will somehow cause you issues with others who might think you weird or crazy or cultish, then ask us to discuss this subject further with you.

Always remember that G-d is to be #1 in all our lives and not how pretty or handsome some is.

Heres to Purity vs Worldliness

Read the following PDF regarding "Righteous Male Leaders"... Click Here

Be Like Yashua, Walk in Purity (Spirit & Truth)

Below you will find images of clothing worn during the time of Messiah. We are going to wear light cotton cloth robes with Tsi Tsi attached. Why Tsi Tsi you ask and what are Tsi Tsi you ask.

Tsi Tsi are a commandment in the Numbers 15:37-41 where the Children of Israel are to make and wear them on their garments. The reason for this command was so the Children of Israel should look upon them and remember G-d and His Commandments.

G-d also tells the Children of Israel that he rewards the people who Love Him by keeping His Commandments and that He will curse anyone who hates Him by not keeping His Commandments.

For this reason, it would be a good idea to wear Tsi Tsi all the time, but at the very least we will honor G-d by wearing them on our Robes during congregational activities.

This is the beginning of our walk as True Believers in search of Purity.